Mary's Bow Gallery

Mary's Bow is an easy to foundation paper piece digital pattern that provides incredible options for playing with the layout of the block. There are all kinds of secondary patterns that form from different layouts and with the use of prints.

Mary's Bow block set with alternate print blocks

Use assorted prints for alternate blocks and turn each Mary's Bow block to face opposite each other.

Mary's Bow medallion style quilt

Set Mary's Bow blocks to form a medallion style quilt design.

Mary's Bow in various sizes in a random setting for a quilt.

Piece Mary's Bow in the two sizes, plus enlarge or reduce the templates to make more sizes! Scatter the blocks for a Modern style quilt.

Mary's Bow in a three fabric medallion quilt design.

Shown in two shades of teal, this quilt layout offers the idea of changing part of the background to make it part of Mary's Bow. This allows the bows to connect for a framed medallion look.


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