Merlin's Gallery

See Celtic knots, Brigid's Cross and other amazing designs from this delightful collection created by Scarlett Rose!

Caer in Brigid's Mantle colors

Caer, Celtic knot design from the Legend of Merlin series

Caer is a 14" (trim for a 12 1/2" block size) custom printed Celtic knot that is ready for embroidery or for a project in one of Scarlett's hand embroidery classes. For embroidering the custom printed block, purchase one hank of 4069 Margarita and one hank of 4047 Emerald Isles of DMC Variations #5 pearl cotton thread, along with an embroidery needle.

Here's what the hand embroidered Caer block will look like when it is stitched with the twilling stitch:

Caer knot design in Brigid's Mantle colors and hand embroidered with the twilling stitch.

This block could be used for a pillow, totebag, small wallhanging or quilt. A closeup of the stitching is shown below.

Closeup of Caer after hand embroidering with the twilling stitch.


Brigid's Cross is an easy to piece quilt that is uniquely designed to accomodate large scale prints. There's a custom fabric panel containing blocks printed with Brigid and her three cows, Buttercup, Clover and Daisy. This 20" x 33" panel can be purchased and you can match your own fabric for the rest of the quilt or for use with your own special project. Each design is printed as a 10" x 13" block, to be trimmed to 9 1/2" x 12 1/2" for use with the patchwork cross blocks Scarlett designed especially for the Brigid's Cross quilt pattern.

Buttercup, a fairy cow of Brigid.

Buttercup 10" x 13"

Brigid holding her cross in one hand and a flame in the other hand.

Brigid 10" x 13"

Clover, a fairy cow of Brigid.

Clover 13" x 10"

Daisy, a fairy cow of Brigid.

Daisy 13" x 10"


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