Celtic Quilts in Japan 2005

Scarlett's friend, Michiko Shima of Mother EMU Quilters, sent some pictures of quilts from exhibits held in Osaka and Gifu, at the public museum in each location. She does these exhibits each year, featuring her work and that of her students. This first page is of quilts that feature Celtic knotwork or the use of bias tape as part of the overall design. Another page has been put up that features some of the other remarkable quilts from this year's exhibits.

The two borders in this quilt feature a dark print or striped bias as well as the light color bias. From seeing previous work, it is most likely that the fabric in the center of this quilt is from a vintage Japanese kimono.

The picture of this quilt doesn't give enough detail to be sure on whether the design was done with bias tape. It could be by reverse applique or some other method, but the design is very dramatic and could be done with bias tape.

These baskets show a wonderful variety of Celtic inspired designs. The simple interlace border with corner applique is very nice. The flowers appear to be Broderie Perse, which means that the printed flowers were fussy cut from a piece of fabric, then appliqued down onto the background.

This quilt is a variation of Orange Peel, with gold and silver bias tape covering all the edges. This adds a stained glass effect to the quilt.

A very dramatic medallion quilt, the interlaced border is a perfect finishing touch for this beautifully quilted design.

This appears to be a small wall quilt with repeat blocks of the same design, done in several colors.

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