Celtic Sampler Quilt Blocks

This quilt was made using four Hearts, six Knots, two Candles and one Cross design. The background fabric is a rich yellow and all the machine embroidery was done with a combination of varigated and solid colors. The varigated was used in the center strip of all the designs, to give continuity. It is a red, white and blue varigated from Superior Threads, #823 - Patriotic. The solid colors used are Sulky thread in red, dark pink, white, gray, blue, light blue and black. The designs were done in three hoop sizes: 4x4, 5x7 and 6x10. The knots were done individually in the 4x4 hoop. The hearts were done in the 5x7 hoop. The candles and cross were done in the 6x10 hoop.

This is Candle 3 Multicolor.

This is Candle 5 Multicolor.

These are Knots 1, 6 & 7, all multicolor.

These are knots 2, 4 & 3, all multicolor.

Heart 12 Multicolor, from the upper left corner.

Heart 14 Shaded, from the upper right corner.

Heart 18 Tricolor, from the lower left corner.

Heart 16 TriMulticolor, from the lower right corner.

Cross 8 Multicolor, in the center of the quilt.

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