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Revised November 18, 2020

See Scarlett's youTube video about her virtual lectures and workshops on Zoom or your platform. She is also available to travel worldwide to lecture and teach for quilt guilds, shops and conferences.  Click on Scarlett's samples if you would like to see what workshops and lectures Scarlett offers. Check her resume for detailed info or refer to a listing of where Scarlett has taught and lectured at the bottom of this page. For more information about her workshops and lectures, please download or open a PDF of her current workshop brochure.

As dates and places are confirmed, Scarlett will list them here. If you are interested in having Scarlett come to your guild, shop or conference virtually or in person, please e-mail her or write to her at: P.O. Box 212, Anderson, CA 96007-0212. If Scarlett is already scheduled to be in your area, it may be possible to add dates to her visit so your group can share expenses with others. Please contact Scarlett if you are interested in adding a booking.

Because of the Covid19 Pandemic, many in-person events have been cancelled but Scarlett is available for Zoom lectures and workshops. Please e-mail her to set up a booking with your guild for a virtual program. Please follow her @scarlettrosedesigner or visit her Facebook page for news about Scarlett. She presented at a Global Quilt Connection Virtual Meet the Teachers webinar in August. View the whole webinar at Global Quilt Connection Meet the Teachers August 5th webinar. Scarlett appears at time stamp 31:30. You can also view her workshop & lecture video separately on youTube.


November 18th - Quilts + Genealogy = Family Stories virtual lecture for the Pieces 'N Patches Quilt Guild of Illinois




12th - Celtic Style Applique virtual lecture for the Ninigret Quilters of Rhode Island at 7pm EST.

16th - Part 1 of New Circuitry virtual workshop from 1 to 4pm EST.

23rd - Part 2 of New Circuitry virtual workshop from 1 to 4pm EST.



1st thru 6th - Teaching two workshops at the Academy of Applique in Williamsburg, Virginia.










If you have a small group, or you're a workshop chairman, quilt shop owner or teacher contact for a quilt conference who is planning for rest of 2020 or beyond, please contact Scarlett if you are interested in having her lecture or teach virtually, or come to your guild/conference/shop!

Please email Scarlett and ask to be put on her email list for class announcments or to ask for more information about Scarlett's classes.

If you are interested in having Scarlett teach for your group or guild, but are looking for someone to share expenses, Scarlett is willing to list a contact person on this page to see if anyone else is interested.  That way, you can compare meeting times and possible dates to see if a shared deal will work for you. This is a perfect way to share expenses for a virtual workshop by Scarlett.

Where has Scarlett taught and lectured? Here's some testimonials, followed by a list of guilds and conventions:

"Our guild, Ladies of the Lake Quilt Guild in Lakeport, California, recently invited Scarlett to come to our guild in light of our upcoming 2019 County Fair, and our own Falling Leaves Quilt Show. Topic: The Judging Process from Both Sides: Competitor and Judge. Fifty-two members came to hear her talk, and they were not disappointed! Scarlett had their undivided attention from the start, and she held it for over an hour. While reinforcing much of what some of them already knew (points, bindings, corners, straight lines, quilting stops/starts, etc), she illustrated her statements with samples (hers and ours) and answered all questions that arose. She then phased into what she, as a judge, had to consider when making her various decisions, again, with illustrations, and answers for questions. As far as programs go, hers was truly instructional AND entertaining. The timing was perfect, because it gave our members valuable pointers to incorporate in the bindings that they were putting on their entries! I've served as Program Chairman for 5 times, and Scarlett gets an A+, in my opinion."

Jane Alameda, Program Chairman of the Ladies of the Lake Quilt Guild, Lakeport, California


"If any one is looking for a fantastic judge for a show, Scarlett is one of the best that I have ever worked with. She helped judge at the Tampa TAS show and I had the pleasure of working with her. I ran the judging room for our local Guild for 18 years and Scarlett excells. All of the judges that I worked with over the years were good but some stand out as excellent. Scarlett is one of the excellent."

Geneva Davis, member of the Creative Quilters of Citrus County, Florida, the West Pasco Quilters Guild and the Heart in Hand Chapter of TAS in Crystal River, Florida. Geneva is a charter member of TAS and Heart in Hand is the oldest TAS chapter in Florida.


"Scarlett Rose taught a class entitled Celtic Style Applique for our Ct Piecemakers Quilt Guild on November 18th and 19th, 2008. As a lecturer, Scarlett Rose is both entertaining and educational. She is an outstanding teacher who not only knows her craft but has the rare ability to teach it effectively to others.  She was both patient and encouraging, working one-on-one with students who were struggling, and encouraging others to take their designs even a step further. 

The guild was most pleased with the two-day class.  Everyone felt they had come away with something—for some it was learning and being able to practice a new technique; for others it meant completing a gorgeous block to show at our next guild’s “show and tell.” As a person, Scarlett Rose is delightful.  She made a wonderful companion for the few days she was here, a considerate house guest, and a warm and friendly teacher.  I would highly recommend her as a teacher and as a person."

JoMarie Coster, Program Co-Chair of the Connecticut Piecemakers of Trumbull, CT


"It gives me great joy to write these special notes about Scarlett. She is a very delightful person. She is very willing to share her knowledge, skill and talent. Her teaching approach is so positive that no one can ever feel timid about wanting to learn what she is so wonderful about sharing. Her smile is not only seen at all times, but can be felt in her happiness in working with each person in her workshop. She has a wonderful ability to make each and every participant feel important and appreciated. I personally enjoyed sharing quiet time with her in my home sharing ideas, thoughts and many great laughs! Scarlett is definitely welcome to return not only to my home, but to join our Guild activities again."

Laurel Doll, Program Coordinator
Pinnacle Quilters of San Benito County, San Juan Bautista/Hollister, CA


"The Surprise Valley Quilters Guild is a very small guild in Northern California. In 2003 we enlisted the help of Scarlett as a judge for our fair which is held in August in Cedarville, California. She was very accommodating, not only judging the quilting division of the fair, but allowing open judging for anyone who was interested. Those of us who came learned so much from her. We were able to utilize her again in 2004. After a two year break, we enlisted her halp again in 2007 and 2008. Our fair averages between 70 and 80 quilts. We highly recommend Scarlett and look forward to having her come back in the future."

Susan Jost, President
Surprise Valley Quilters of Cedarville, CA

Scarlett Rose taught several Celtic applique classes at "Bee" College held by Brother Sewing Machine in Nagoya, Japan. Her classes were easy to follow for everyone and she was very kind and helpful. All the students learned a lot and were satisfied at the end of her classes even though they learned through an interpreter.

Atsuko Ohta, Island Quilts 2000 (Tokyo, Japan)

Quilt Judging: A View From Both Sides lecture for the Ladies of the Lake Quilt Guild, Lakeport, CA - 2019

Round Robins lecture for the Grapevine Quilter's Guild of Ukiah, CA - 2019

Quilts + Genealogy = Family Stories lecture for the Sun Country Quilters of Red Bluff, CA - 2018

Celtic Quilts From Around the World lecture for the Mt. Tam Quilt Guild of Marin County, CA - 2018

Celtic Quilts From Around the World lecture for the Roseville Quilters Guild of Roseville, CA - 2017

My Life as a Quilt Artist lecture for the Piecemaker's Quilt Guild of Southern Alameda County, Fremont, CA - 2017

Celtic Style Applique lecture for the Delta Quilters Guild of Brentwood, CA - 2016

Celtic Quilts Around the World lecture for the Oroville Piecemakers of Oroville, CA - 2015

Central Coast Quilters of Arroyo Grande, CA - 2015

Pine Tree Quilters Guild of Augusta, Maine - 2014

Pine Tree Quilt Guild of Auburn, CA (quilt judging) - 2014

Carquinez Strait Stitchers of Benecia, CA - 2014

Elly Sienkiewicz Applique Academy in Williamsburg, VA - 2014

Country Crossroads Quilters of Modesto, CA - 2013

Peninsula Quilters of San Mateo, CA - 2013

Folsom Quilt & Fiber Guild of Folsom, CA (quilt judging for their show) - 2013

Sun Country Quilters of Red Bluff, CA - 2013

Valley Quiltmakers Guild of Northridge, CA - 2013

Ridge Quilters Guild of Paradise, CA - 2013

Amador Valley Quilters of Pleasanton, CA - 2012

Glendale Quilt Guild of Glendale, CA - 2012

Napa Valley Quilters Guild of Napa, CA - 2011

Santa Clara Valley Quilt Association of San Jose, CA - 2011

Chester Piecemakers of Chester, CA - 2011

Foothill Quilters Guild of Auburn, CA - Quilt Judging at their show in 2011

Santa Rosa Quilt Guild of Santa Rosa, CA - 2010

Sunshine Quilters of San Diego, CA - 2010

Petaluma Quilt Guild of Petaluma, CA - 2009

Sierra Quilt Guild of Tuolumne County, Sonora, CA - 2008

A Quilter's Gathering 2007 - The Eastcoast Quilter's Alliance 3 conference held in Nashua, NH

Pine Tree Quilt Guild of Grass Valley, CA

Valley Quilt Guild of Yuba City, CA

The Applique Society Quilt Conference - Tampa, Florida in 2007 & Sacramento, California in 2003

Mt. Tam Quilt Guild of San Rafael, CA

Piecemaker's Quilt Guild of Fremont, CA - Also chosen as the Featured Artist at their 2006 quilt show

International Quilt Week 2006 in Osaka, Japan

Pioneer Quilters Guild of Folsom, CA

Evergreen Piecemakers Quilt Guild of Kent, WA

Annie Star Quilt Guild of Chico,CA

Delta Quilters of Brentwood, CA

Cotton Patch Quilters Guild of Athens, GA

San Francisco Quilt Guild of San Francisco, CA

The Guild of Quilters of Contra Costa County, Pleasant Hill, CA

Quilter's Sew-Ciety of Redding, CA

Pajaro Valley Quilt Association of Santa Cruz, CA

Piecing Partners Quilt Guild of Colorado Springs, CO

Calico Quilters of Bishop, CA

Ridge Quilters Guild of Paradise, CA

Foothill Quilters Guild of Auburn, CA

Creative Quilters of Reno, NV

"Bee" College Quilt Conference 2002 in Nagoya, Japan


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