Japanese Theme Wedding Cakes

updated 6-25-17

Since this has been another popular item from Scarlett's wedding, much like the Torii Gate, here's Scarlett's wedding cake, the original one from 1997 that started this popular cultural theme trend. Please email Scarlett a picture of your cake and it will be added to this page.

This page also has pictures from other weddings that have had Japanese theme wedding cakes, based on Scarlett's original wedding cake design.

This is Scarlett & Dan's wedding cake.  It was designed by Verla Green of Anderson, CA in May 1997.  Scarlett wanted a Japanese Tea Garden, so Verla came up with this fabulous creation!  On one side is the traditional raked sand garden with two "rocks".  The other side has a pond with smaller "rocks" along the edges. Scattered on both sides are cherry trees in bloom.  The bride and groom dolls were found  by Sheryl Sadohara at a garage sale about a month before the wedding!  Her husband, Yogiro, made the maplewood bridge.  Behind the dolls is a rock waterfall that a friend borrowed from her chiropractor.  The small cake, on top of clear pillars filled with bamboo, is decorated with a garden temple, wisteria and some crane decorations.

Here are pictures of a wedding cake made for Mayu Kataoka's wedding sometime around the beginning of September 2003 in Massachusetts.

In her email, Mayu explains that her new husband made the wooden bridge, stone lantern and torii gate. They bought the Samurai doll on eBay and the Geisha at a Burlington Coat Factory store. The small pagoda waterfall came from a local crafts store. The two sheet cakes were fake, made from pink insulation board. Real cakes were cut up at the reception and eaten.

Here's a close-up of the pond side of the cake.

Here are Mayu and her new husband, ready to cut their wedding cake.

If you're interested in learning about Japanese kimono, I recommend The Book of Kimono as the best reference book that I found and used for my wedding.

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