Could It Be Magic Gallery 1

Could It Be Magic Stencil Series - Fire, Water, Wind & Earth

After playing around in EQ8, Scarlett created these diagrams for using the four element knots in smaller quilts. Each knot is on a 12 inch background print or pieced block, for a 24 inch square quilt.

Colorful modern print four block quilt with element knots.
This sample shows Valley by Sherri & Chelsi prints by Moda fabrics
Solid color diagram of an element knots quilt.
Solid colors for the bias and for the pieced blocks
Black and white background blocks with colourful element knots.
Black and white pieced pinwheel blocks with bright color knots and inset patches.
Black and gray checkerboard with bright color bias.
Black and gray checkerboard blocks, with white inset patches and two color element knots, all in solid colors.

Use the Full Line Stencils for quilting and fabric painting!

These examples were stenciled with fabric markers. Use fabric markers or fabric paints for coloring the knots.

Fire in bright colors, stained glass style

Fire stenciled, colored in stained glass style with faux stitching

Fire in stained glass style

Fire in stained glass style coloring with faux stitching

Fire with faux stitched feathers

Fire with faux stitched feathers

Earth colored in stained glass style.

Earth in stained glass style coloring with faux stitching

If you make a quilt from the Could It Be Magic pattern or any of the four Full Line Stencils, #30690 - Fire, #30691 - Earth, #30694 - Wind and #30695 - Water, please email a picture to Scarlett and she'll post it here!

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