Celtic Cross Stitch Gallery

Here are pictures of projects that have Celtic hand or machine embroidered designs on them.

Karen Kinloch hand stitched a Welsh Love Spoon design from the Welsh Love Spoon E-Chart collection. This Mini Welsh Love Spoon Collection 1 is also available as a printed chart pack and is offered in a wide variety of machine embroidery formats.

Karen Kinloch's hand stitched Welsh Spoon.

From the same collection, Scarlett hand stitched this bookmark.

Welsh Love Spoon bookmark, hand cross stitched.

Using a Charles Craft 14 count 2" x 7.5" bookmark, Scarlett hand stitched this Welsh Love Spoon in brown and black. The Welsh Love Spoon design is in the Mini Welsh Love Spoon Collection 1 chart pack or machine embroidery format, and is available as an E-Chart.

Kathy Hartman's Celtic quilt

Kathy Hartman machine embroidered the designs from the Medium Tricolor Knot Collection 1 on this quilt for her daughter. Each design is repeated, so that it fills a diagonal row. She finished the quilt in 2007.

Embroidery sampler quilt.

Celtic Sampler Quilt

40" x 46"

This quilt is a sampler of all the kinds of machine cross stitch designs that are currently available. Please click on the picture if you would like to see closeups of the blocks.

Here's Celtic Candle 1 Tricolor done in Red, White and Blue, along with the website logo embroidered on a yellow t-shirt.

This is Celtic Corner 1, embroidered along with Scarlett's website address, on the front of a purple t-shirt.

Here's six different Celtic Heart designs embroidered on a green t-shirt. The three small hearts are from the Small Hearts Collection 1

From left to right: Celtic Knot 2 small Tricolor, Celtic Knot 5 small Tricolor, Celtic Knot 4 small Tricolor and Celtic Knot 3 small Tricolor, along with the website logo, embroidered on a red t-shirt.

Here's Celtic Cross #5 embroidered on the back of a white t-shirt.

More projects are shown in Gallery 2

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