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The next temple visited is known as Sanjusangen-do, or the temple of 1001 Buddhist statues. This temple is a Japanese National Treasure site, so pictures weren't allowed to be taken inside. There are 1000 standing statues, about life-size, with one gigantic seated statue. Among the 1000 statues, each has a unique face and it is said that you will see the faces of people you know and even a face that looks like yours, if you look carefully. There are also 28 other statues set in front of the 1000 statues, which are the guardian deities, such as the Thunder God and the Wind God.

The last temple visited was Kiyomizu-Dera, located at the top of a long, winding, narrow road which is lined with shops on both sides. The temple itself covers a large area, with many separate buildings.

Everyone was still eager to go shopping even after walking through the main temple area and going up and down lots of steep stone stairs. This was the last stop for Sunday, with Scarlett's group heading back to Osaka on the Shinkansen (the bullet train!).

Here's the front of Michiko Shima's quilt shop, located in Osaka. On Monday, Scarlett gave an all day class in the the shop, back where the classroom is located. This class combined both the Interlaced Crane and the Celtic Star blocks. Each student also brought a quilt for show and tell. See some of Michiko's students' quilts from their 2005 shows in Osaka and Gifu.

Roberta and Jean in Michiko's quilt shop. There were American cottons all along the wall to the right of this picture, just out of view. The fabrics shown in this picture included Japanese crepes, batiks and other unusual fabrics.

Scarlett is demonstrating machine applique for the quilters who attended the all day class at Michiko's shop.

Some of the class wanted a group picture, so here they are! The man on the left is Mr. Maeda, the Brother sewing machine dealer who provided the machine for Scarlett to use in her classes.

While Scarlett, Jean and Roberta were busy at Michiko's quilt shop on Monday, Heather got to spend the day sightseeing and shopping. She visited Osaka Castle during the day, while the rest of the group had seen it from a distance on Friday evening, all lit up and with the full moon near it. Wow!

Heather got to eat at a Japanese McDonald's and learned that what her Aunt Scarlett had told her was true, that they do put an egg patty in their hamburgers!

Tuesday morning, March 21st, was spent across the street from the Nikko Hotel, shopping in the huge department stores Sogo and Daimaru. Everyone's luggage, on going home, was considerably heavier, and fuller, than it was on arrival.

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