All About Scarlett Rose

Yes, there really is a quilt artist named Scarlett Rose! Please follow her on Instagram @scarlettrosedesigner or on Facebook at Scarlett Rose's Celtic & More

Here are links to pages with lots of pictures to look at, which show some of her other interests and some of her adventures. There's also all the links to all of her quilting pages, some for fun and others for her quilt teaching.

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Scarlett's Adventures

Please listen or download Paula’s podcast interview where Scarlett talks about her Celtic applique and other quilts on a Quilter’s Life at

Scarlett has been posting her news on Instagram as scarlettrosedesigner and her Facebook page. After 2012, she has set up albums on her Facebook page for the Celtic quilts that she finds each year at PIQF.

Please visit
Scarlett's Facebook for recent events

Rosie The Riveter/Red Oak Victory Ship 2016

PIQF 2012 & 2011

Rose of Sharon Gallery

PIQF 2008

AQGathering 2007

TAS 2007

Houston 2007

PIQF 2007

Projects 2006

Osaka 2006

Celtic quilts in Osaka 2005

TAS 2005

PIQF 2005

Heart Circle 2004

PIQF 2003

Celtic Exhibits 2003

TAS 2003

PIQF 2002

Paducah 2002

Hong Kong 2002 Vacation

Nagoya 2002
Teaching Trip to Japan



Please visit Scarlett's Teaching Schedule for the listing of places that Scarlett will be traveling to and teaching at in the near future. Download her current workshop and lecture brochure.

My Workshop Samples

Scarlett has some new sample blocks pictured on My Samples page, so have a look to see what the students would be making in the workshops.  There are descriptions and pictures for all of her lectures, too.

Scarlett's Resume

A detailed listing of all Scarlett's accomplishments: awards, publications, exhibits, etc.

Guild reviews and a booking history list are below the resume.

Celtic Quilters' Gallery

Here are pictures of Celtic quilts made by Quilters worldwide.  Some are completely Celtic, others are a mix of styles. Some are made from Scarlett's other quilt patterns. There are 4 pages of pictures, so be sure to look around! There are lots of wonderful ideas!

Scarlett's Quilts

Scarlett's Quilt Gallery for her projects, with pictures of current to past projects.

Scarlett's Celtic Quilts are shown in two books: Celtic Style Floral Applique and Baskets: Celtic Style. Scarlett has a number of Celtic patterns available in Celtic Quilt Patterns and her other patterns are in Scarlett's Celtic & More Quilt Patterns.

Magic Key Gallery

Scarlett used to teach Celtic online classes at QuiltCampus. Have a look at some of the students' finished quilts from these classes. There were two classes that Scarlett teaches: Basic Celtic for Hand Applique and Intermediate Celtic Design - this class includes learning how to make your own fusible bias tape.

Scarlett's Works in Progress

From Scarlett's Quilt Top Wine Cellar, these are Works In Progress! Scarlett does plan to finish them when the time is right.

Scarlett's Embroidery Gallery

See her Legend of Merlin designs in hand embroidery.

Round Robin quilts

Detailed information about how Round Robin quilts are done, plus pictures of Round Robin quilts. There are two pages of pictures!

Some of these pictures are of quilts that Scarlett participated in making, with others having Celtic borders in them.

Scarlett's Sashiko Gallery

Scarlett's RenFaire Costumes

Scarlett & Dan's Halloween Decorations

Scarlett's Wedding

Torii Gate instructions and pictures.

A Japanese Theme Wedding Cake inspired by Scarlett's Wedding Cake

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